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One exciting aspect of NFTs is perpetual royalties for artists and curators from secondary market sales. 

Verse platform royalties

If a collector resells an NFT which has a 5% artist royalty for $100, the collector will receive $92.50 after the sale. $2.50 goes to Verse as a platform fee and $5 goes to the artist. There are no gas or hidden fees for the seller. For all NFTs sold on Verse, secondary market royalties will be immediately credited directly to the artist.

Off-Verse artist royalties

Verse smart contracts use the EIP-2891 royalties standard proposed by the Ethereum foundation. This means that if a collector sells a Verse NFT on another marketplace that respects this standard (such as OpenSea) the artist royalty will still be applied.

Not all marketplaces adopt this standard yet, so artist royalties may not be enforced on some third party marketplaces. We hope that in the future all marketplaces will adopt this royalties standard so that artists can be fairly paid for their work.

For artists: How royalties are paid out

For NFTs sold on the Verse secondary market the creator royalties will be paid in the same currency that the NFT was purchased (e.g. USD, ETH), however contact if you'd like to be paid entirely in fiat currency. 

For NFTs sold off the Verse platform the royalties will be paid directly to the creator wallet address in the same currency that the purchase was made. You will soon be able to specify your royalty address on the Verse platform.

Updated on: 15/03/2024

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