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Reselling physical artworks

Some artworks on Verse are purely physical or come with a physical component.

Artworks that include a physical component

Sometimes an artist considers their work to consist of both a digital and physical component.

When this is the case, an "Includes physical" label will be shown on Verse.

For these works, the seller should communicate with the buyer outside of Verse to arrange transfer of the physical work alongside purchase of the NFT.

Verse takes no liability for such physical transfers. For example, if a physical piece never arrives or is damaged we will not be able to help.

Artworks with an optional physical claim

Sometimes it's possible to claim a physical print for an NFT work that was sold on the primary market.

The terms of such claims may vary but, generally the physical is not considered part of the artwork, and the owner is not expected to send on the physical when reselling the NFT.

Purely physical artworks

Verse does not support reselling purely physical artworks at this time.

Updated on: 18/04/2024

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