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How do ranked auctions work?

In a ranked auction, the artist sets a starting price and you bid against other collectors.

When the sale ends, the available supply is distributed amongst the top bidders.

Placing multiple bids

If you have a winning bid and you place another bid, you'll have two winning bids. If neither of these bids are outbid, you'll win two artworks.

You can't cancel, increase or replace a bid once it has been placed, and your funds are locked up while your bid is active. To avoid being the risk of being outbid at the last second and not having enough time or liquidity to place another bid, we highly recommend only placing a bid for the highest amount you are willing to pay. Remember that all winning bidders pay the amount of the lowest winning bid, so there is no risk of overpaying.

Last minute bids

It can be difficult to place bids during the final few minutes of an auction, as many bids are placed at this stage and your bid amount may be too low by the time it gets submitted. For this reason, we highlight recommend placing your final bid well in advance of the end of the auction.

Cancelling a bid

It's not possible to cancel a bid.

Bidding with different payment methods

Credit or debit card

When you bid with credit/debit card, we place a temporary hold on this amount to make sure you have sufficient funds.

If you get outbid, we immediately release this hold. Most banks show this release of funds after a few seconds, but in some cases it can take a few days.

Ethereum, Tezos or Solana

If you get outbid, funds will be returned to your account balance within a few seconds. Your account balance can be put towards additional bids, or you can withdraw it to your private wallet.

Cryptocurrency payments can take a while, especially if the network is busy. If you're planning to bid within the last minute or two, we recommend using an alternative payment method to be safe.

Prepaid Bitcoin

To bid with Bitcoin, you'll need to deposit it in advance from the Account page.

Once the deposit transaction has been completed the funds will appear in your account balance, which you can use to bid.

If you get outbid, funds will be returned to your account balance within a few seconds.

Please note that Bitcoin transactions can take over an hour to complete, so we recommend making deposits well in advance.

Account balance

You can end up with account balance through making a deposit, receiving a rebate or refund, or selling artworks.

If your balance is less than the value of the bid you'd like to make, you can pay the remaining amount via another payment method when you go to enter your bid.

Time extensions

If there is a bid in the last 5 minutes of the auction, the end time will be extended by 5 minutes.

There is often an extension cutoff time to ensure the end of an auction doesn't run on forever. Exact timings will be shown on the artwork page during the sale.


If you win with a bid more than the lowest winning bid, you'll receive a refund for the difference.

Rebates are sent to your account balance within an hour of the end of the auction.

For example, if the lowest winning bid was $300 but you bid $400, you'll receive a $100 refund after the auction.

Minimum bid amount

If there are more bids than there are artworks available, you'll need to place a bid larger than the lowest winning bid.

FromMinimum bid increase

Bids of the same amount

If there is more than one bid for the same amount, the bids placed earlier are prioritized.

For example, if there are two items available and the top three bids are...

$450 (placed at 9am)
$450 (placed at 10am)

...then the $450 bid placed at 10am will miss out.

Settling an auction

If you win an auction, the payment method you selected when submitting your bid is charged automatically.

Gas fees

Verse covers the gas fees for minting.

Updated on: 17/06/2024

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