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What is Verse?

Verse is a platform for art world artists to exhibit and sell their NFTs.

Our main motivation for starting Verse was to make it very easy for people to get onboarded to NFT space. Owning a private wallet is intimidating and many people yet to take their time to educate themselves of how to use it and guard it properly. For this reason we built Verse as a centralised platform in a sense that we accept credit/debit card payments and have a custodial wallet to be used for users who do not currently own a wallet. Our aim is to empower users to start collecting NFTs while they are still learning about self custody. We believe that collectors should own their NFTs while at the same we want to offer the simplest user experience possible.

These product decisions had a big impact on our design decisions. Since we are centralised platform we perform the NFT minting on behalf of the user. As NFT is minted it is initially stored in our custodial wallet. Collectors can withdraw NFT from Verse custodial wallet to private wallet at any time; we'll cover the gas fees. Custodial wallet should only be used by people who are new to NFTs or do not feel comfortable owning a private wallet yet.

Verse supports debit/credit card certain cryptocurrency payments. Read more about how they work here.

Updated on: 15/03/2024

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